Harbinger of Spring

March has been it's typical roller-coaster of a month.  We've had rain, we've had snow, we've had bright sunshine and great gusty winds. Yesterday a layer of crystalline snow coated my car.  I wedged my scraper under a crunchy corner and peeled it off my windows like the shell off a giant hard boiled egg.

The dog park was a mess  with a river running from the parking lot through the entry way, settling in dips, making for a very brief visit and a trip straight to the laundry room when we got home.

This morning, somehow the park was relatively dry and I got my first sight of my personal harbinger of spring.  Each March, when  I see a red-winged blackbird, it reminds me that warm weather and blooming flowers are just around the corner. 


  1. what a cool picture!! we have been seeing Robins all week here in central Pa...and today it was 77 and sunny....
    i am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.


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