Freedom to Paint

While visiting Hambleton Galleries this morning, I had an interesting chat with owner Stewart Turcotte.  I knew he was a huge fan of artist Daphne Odjig, but I didn't know much about her, even though I have a fondness for Canada's First Nation artists.  

Having only been exposed to Ms. Odjig's more recent work, I was fascinated by the discovery that when she began selling her art, it was more of a European style of painting.   The painting above: Boats in Harbour, Victoria 1963 shows her impressionistic style.  It was around this time that her art began to focus on the myths and legends of Aboriginal culture and she began using what is referred to as Woodland Style.

Hambleton Galleries has a number of Daphne Odjig paintings and it's very interesting see the variety of styles she uses, including cubism.  I believe the ones pictured to the left are more recent.  The iphone photos do not do her work justice. You'll just have to go into the gallery on Ellis Street and have a look for yourself.

She's also turned some of her paintings into some gorgeous fashions which can be purchased online, and I've seen a number of her coats and scarves at Turtle Island Gallery on Cawston, just behind Hambleton Galleries.


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