Mission Ridge Blues

When you pass the evil dog from the Tinder Box, shown here at the top of the path along Mission Ridge, you come to a flat open sandy area dotted with drought resistant grasses.

My husband and I were walking Max and Pitou along here the other night and I happened to mention that I'd be really sad if they decided to build houses along here.  Cue the stringed instruments.  He told me that he knew for a fact it was going to happen.  He thought the developer would leave a public walkway along the front but it was only a matter of time before the subdivision that sits below the edge of the horizon you see here, works its way up and over the very easily built upon land before you.  

It's a shame they wouldn't turn it into a public space.   Kettle Valley Subdivision has several public areas and the one shown on their home page is at least the size of the spot here.  

It's a great spot for any number of activities.  Many people come here with their dogs, but I've never come across any doggie land mines.  It's an awesome spot for our two to chase each other and play "Clash of the Titans".  People run and bike, train their dogs, and fly radio controlled airplanes.

It's a safe place for curious kids from nearby Crawford to set off their fireworks and try to send Buzz Lightyear "to infinity and beyond". 

The unfortunate truth is that people have to live somewhere.  It would be wonderful live in a small city that you love and have it remain the way it was when you first moved there.  But a city can't survive without growth and the infusion of new people and businesses.  There are many parts of Kelowna that remain untouched, other than by nature...and I sure can't blame someone for wanting to wake up in the morning, or look out the window while they're making supper and see this stunning view every day.   Let's just hope they'll hold off a little longer....


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