Trippin' on Gratitude

It was a whirlwind three day trip to and from Salt Spring Island this past weekend, leaving Friday at 1:30 and arriving home by 5:00 Sunday night.   Even though it seems like we spent most of the time in the car, I'm thankful for each moment we spent with our families.  I'm particularly grateful:

92.  we were able to celebrate my father-in-law Reg's 94th birthday with him.

93.  for the kind, respectful and caring ways of Madeleine who Reg enjoys bantering with so much.

94.  for the fact that Max only ate part of the gearshift and the cover off the armrest while waiting in the car on the ferry, and not the steering wheel or the gas pedal.

95.   that my husband did all of the driving. There's nothing like a long drive to put me right to sleep, especially when we'd been up at 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday to catch early Ferries.

96.  for Stephanie, Brad and Shane who don't mind acting as hotel and restaurant on these brief trips and feed us the most delicious tandoori chicken!

97.  for the hospitality of the Salt Spring Youngs who always find room for us and put up with Max's puppy ways without complaint.


  1. The love you have for Max I am unable to comprehend, along with the patience you obviously possess. Max should be grateful for your love and patience, no kidding:-)

    1. Thanks for your kind words Lilly. I hear ya. Believe me, we were not happy when we saw his latest demo job, but we can't blame Max for acting like a dog. He spent 5 hours in the car Friday night, 3 hours in the car Saturday morning and due to the ridiculous BC Ferry schedule, 10 hours in the car Sunday. Well, he'd only been in the car for 5 hours when he did the damage. He's 8 months old, still a puppy, a big puppy who isn't meant to lay around on the carpet or your lap. He needs to run and play, visit the dog park everyday, go for an hour long walk as well. Being stuck in the car for that long is more than you can expect of a dog like him. And that's what a dog like that will do when left in a situation that isn't appropriate for him. It's kind of like you can't expect every child under a certain age not to eat the cookie that's sitting within reach on the kitchen table when you leave the room.


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