Travel Day

For a while I was beginning to think our trip to Venezuela was more like a tour of airports than a vacation.  From the time we arrived on January 17th, until we landed in Porlamar Margarita this afternoon, we'd been on eleven different flights.  I can't say eleven different planes because we took the same plane with Angel for three different flights.   It's been a lot of air time and a lot of time waiting in airports, but when I look back on the photos I've posted here over the past two weeks, it's been a pretty amazing trip.  I'm grateful to my husband for his planning, his patience, and his translation skills.

There's still two flight left to get us back to our home sweet home, but I think it's been worth it.

The airport in Porlamar

A plane coming towards the runway at Los Roques

Coming in for a landing at Ciudad Bolívar Airport

 Landing at the Canaima Airport - this was the only one that made me feel nervous.

Arriving in Margarita


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