Green Room Review

Instead of posting a review on Chez Kelowna, (which I haven't posted on in almost a year), I thought I'd cheat a little post on my photo blog instead.

In between our pre-vacation errands today, we stopped at The Green Room for a quick lunch.  We shared the Chili Butternut Squash Quesidilla, adding some chicken for $2.00.  Soup or salad was included so I had the small bowl that came with the entree and my husband ordered a regular bowl of soup. 

Though the entree was good, it was tiny.  Cut into four, I could easily have fit one wedge into my mouth, but not wanting to appear too piggish I cut it in two.  The added chicken could only be found on one of my pieces. The corn and bean salsa was flavourful but there was more salsa than quesedilla.  The soup was homemade  creamed vegetable but I have to say it wasn't very creamy.  It was like a vegetable soup with some milk added to it.  Perhaps it was creamer at one time, but had to be stretched.  It was garnished with a generous dash of cayenne powder and though I was worried it would be too hot, I think the milk took the edge off and it did have a nice flavour. 

We each had a cup of coffee which turned out to be the ridiculous price of $3.00 each.  My blood sugar was on the low side so I talked my hubby into a ordering the cheese cake so I could steal a few bites.  Unfortunatley it wasn't worth the $8.00.  It was rubbery and didn't have that dense rich cheese flavour that I so enjoy. The outside edges were on the dry side which made me think that it was a pre-cut and mass produced cheesecake that came in a box from restaurant supply.

We ended up with two different servers because we arrived during a shift change.  Both provided excellent service.  Overall I'd give our lunch a 6/10.   It was flavourful, but there was not enough of it for the price. When two people share one entree, then add a bowl of soup, two coffee and one piece of cheese cake, it shouldn't cost more than $35 (with tip). 


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