Friday the 13th

 I've never believed there was anything sinister about Friday the 13th, and I'm not going to start believing it now...but I have to say, today was not my best day of the week.  I do not possess the virtue of patience, and I was given the gift of the opportunity to develop that part of my character in many ways today.  

First I waited for an hour and half at the walk-in clinic for an appointment to renew a prescription.  Luckily I was prepared with a book and a decaf.  Later, I waited for a half hour for computer crash to clear itself at a Case Furniture Gallery.  I have to say Sandra was so cheerful and such a big help that I really didn't mind.  And she was just as cheerful when she lent me her jumper cables to give my car a boost because it wouldn't start. I thought I'd left my lights on and killed the battery, but apparently not.

I only had to wait about twenty minutes for the tow truck to pick me up and deposit me at the car dealership.  Being late on a Friday afternoon, and the fact that they can't order parts on a Saturday, Carol informed me she'd have to wait until Monday to order them - when we are leaving the country.  This means the car won't be ready until Tuesday and I'm pretty sure it's the fuel pump since it wasn't the battery and the engine turned over but just wouldn't catch.  I don't even want to think about the cost.  I can't discuss pick-up arrangements with our house sitter who will be using vehicle, because her phone broke and she won't be in touch with us until Sunday night.

Lastly, I had to wait in the customer lounge at the dealership because, being the last day at work before vacation, my hubby had to clear up some things at the office before he could come and get me.  Luckily, they had a TV and Ellen was on, though I had to wait until the guy watching the sports scores left.

So now, you've been waiting to find out what this has to do with yet another picture of my precious pooches.  Nothing really, but it is the 13th, and Max is now 7 months old, and I have to post my monthly photo of Max and Pitou. Having these two greet me with their wagging tails and sloppy kisses did cheer me up considerably after the day I'd had.


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