Los Roques Medium

Today's island, Krasky, was larger than the one we were on yesterday, but smaller than the main island.  There were a few buildings, and a few more sailboats, yachts and fishing boats.  We were dropped off at around 9:30 and picked up at 4:30.  It's just too hard to pick one shot to represent the day, so here are a few.

We met a really fun couple named Flavia and Marlus from San Paulo Brasil.  The bonus was they spoke English!  We're hoping their interest in the wine industry will bring them to Kelowna some day.

The rain arrived a little earlier than yesterday and we were caught in a torrential downpour.  Even though we huddled together under the umbrella, it reached it's saturation point quite quickly as did we.  I thought I was so clever changing into my dry clothes just before we left.  Oh universe, you are so funny!  Despite the fact that our boat had arrived, we had to wait until the deluge let up.  Luckily, as my husband always insisted...it's a warm rain! 


  1. So gorgeous! I could use a little escape like this right about now, just to get me through to spring!


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