On A Desert Island

There are so many beautiful places to explore in the world and I know I'll never get to see half of the ones on my list, but I think I would skip at least one to go back to Los Roques.  

Our Posada, called Movida, was on Gran Roque, the largest island in the archipelago.  It's roads were made of sand, colourfully painted concrete buildings dotted the streets and there was only one motorized vehicle on the entire island.  Movida was run by an Italian family (many of the Posada owners on Los Roques are Italian as are many of the visitors).  The people were so accommodating, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere muy tranquilo.  

After we arrived at the Posada this morning, we dropped off our clothes, changed into our bathing suits and got our beach gear together.  We hopped on the Posada's boat and were delivered to a small island with a white sandy beach sourounded by the blue green ocean.  An umbrella was planted into the sand for us and two chairs were plunked beneath it.  We were given a cooler packed with some snacks, ice, beer, water and soft drinks along with a filling lunch that consisted of a tasty pasta salad, some Oreos and chips, and a fruit salad with fresh local fruit - bananas, papaya, and pineapple.  

Apparently this is what happens every morning after breakfast...if you are so inclined.   Once deposited upon the beach, there are a few options to keep yourself occupied...a little bone fishing (catch and release only), a little snorkeling or swimming....catching up on your reading, sunning or sleeping. 

Late in the afternoon, around four o'clock, just before the rain began, the boat returned and we were whisked back to the Posada along with the other guests who were on the island with us.  We were welcomed with coffee and juice and authentic Italian pizza - the best I've ever eaten...so simple with soft dough, a thin tomato sauce, salty cheese and a sprinkling of savory spices....mama mia!


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