Caribbean Colour

Our flight left Los Roques at 2:00 today and we knew we wouldn't have time to get to another beach so we wandered around the island enjoying the painted buildings in their pastels, the meandering dogs and the friendly people.

I was really sorry we had to leave so soon.  There were many more beaches to see, mangroves, snorkeling and diving.   We walked all over the place, even at night and I never felt nervous at all.  Ok, I did feel nervous when we accidentally found ourselves behind the building for the Venezuelan National Guard, in the dark, but other than that I never worried about getting mugged or anything like that.

photo by Mike Young
photo by Mike Young
I love this  because of the way the the wooden shutters are worn on this side of the's kind of the opposite of trempl'oeil.  It looks painted but it's real.


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