....on a jet plane.

We've now completed the first leg of our trip.  We overnight in Toronto and fly to Porlamar on the island of Margarita early tomorrow morning.  Posts will be sporadic as we're renting a villa and I doubt it comes with a computer but I'm sure we'll come across the odd internet cafe.  I'll fill in the blanks when we get back.

Don't want to miss the opportunity to express my appreciation for these wonderful things.  Today I'm grateful:

66.  that my husband has the opportunity to return to the place that had a large role in shaping him.  He hasn't been back in 32 years.  How lucky we are to be able to return for a holiday.

67.  for Facebook.  My husband's been in touch with many of his childhood friends and we'll be able to visit his best friend, Cesar.

68.  for the smooth flight from Kelowna to Toronto.

69.  that we have a house/dog sitter that I trust and the dogs love, so we can enjoy ourselves without worrying about what's going on back home.

70.  that the car could be repaired before we left town, another factor we won't have to worry about.


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