Rotary Rebels

As I drove past Rotary Beach this morning I was kicking myself for not having my camera. The sun was shining,  and four startlingly white snow geese were bobbing around in the water between white crested waves. Luckily I remembered I had to go out again later as Pitou was in need of a mani-pedi and both boys were in need of a run...or at least a walk.

I was thrilled when I pulled into the parking lot at three this afternoon and discovered four hearty gentlemen kite surfing over the choppy water. I'm fascinated by this sport that combines agility, strength and balance as well as the ability to ignore the bitter wind, and freezing temperature.  I know the dry suits keep them dry, but I just can't imagine it's all that toasty...and their faces are still exposed.  Something tells me it's worth a little discomfort.


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