Gracias por Todo

Here it is, Monday once more.  Today I'm grateful for:

61. .  It was a big help as I challenged myself to post only in Spanish on Facebook for a week.  I discovered that I know more than I thought, but not near enough to communicate without my hubby.

62.  the many easy ways we can reach loved ones far and near, whether through facebook, email, text messages, greeting cards, telephone, talk or touch.

63.  The "smart tubes" I bought to pack my shampoo and conditioner.  I hated those hard plastic things I was using before.

64.  my heating pad.  I wouldn't have been able to sleep the last two nights without it.

65.  the magazine "Everyday Food".  This month I received my final issue.  I've enjoyed most of the recipes I've made over the four years I've subscribed - I tried to make at least three from every issue. It's come to an end as I'm trying to reduce the amount paper coming into the house.  Now I'll be browsing it online.


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