Island Time

You always hear about "island time" when you go to the Caribbean.  People complain about having to wait in line for things, flights are often delayed, and stores never open on time. After ten days of our vacation which included five very smooth flights on and off two islands, we hadn't experienced anything like that... until today.  Our preferred breakfast place seemed closed for the day, the internet cafe wouldn't be open for several hours and we visited three different travel agents, returning to two of them because "[they'd] be back soon", before we could find one where there was someone who could book us on a flight to Puerto Ordaz on the mainland...the place where my husband would meet up with his childhood best friend.  

Our original flights were no longer available and our plans to leave tomorrow and return Sunday evening were thrown out the window.  (For some reason my husband didn't think we'd have any trouble booking the day before.) We ended up booking a flight for this evening and a return flight for Monday afternoon, which was a bit of a drag since we were heading back to Canada on Tuesday.  And we couldn't get direct flights from Margarita to Puerto Ordaz.  We'd have to fly to Caracas first, then Puerto, and do the reverse on the way back.  It seemed like it would be a shame to come all this way and not visit Cesar so we decided to go for it.

We poked around the Avenida Playa Del Agua for the rest of the day, spent a little time on the beach and arranged for our favourite taxi driver, Carlos, to take us to the airport for our 8:30 flight to Caracas.

 A typical breakfast - eggs, queso de mano and arepas.


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