Post-Christmas Gratitude

Tis the first gratitude Monday of 2012 and I'm feeling so grateful for the wonderful year just past.  It's been the usual roller coaster ride of emotions but that's just the blessing of being human.  Today I'm grateful for:

55.  time spent with my father over the holidays.

56.  talks with Stephanie on the back deck.  My baby sister is a wise woman.

57.  flavoured decaf coffee.

58.  the fun I have changing the look of my blog at the beginning of every month.

59.  second chances...and third chances...and..

60.  love.  It truly is all you need.

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook wall and I've been looking for an opportunity to share it with you all. Whether you're a fan of the bible or not, you'll have to admit, it's good advice. There's definitely a few I need to work on....


  1. I wonder how many of us get that out of reading those Bible passages. Thank goodness for "translation".


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