There's Snow In Them Thar Hills!

All evidence points to the fact that winter is well on it's way to the valley, and the rest of BC.  Yesterday my daughter spent most of the day on a Greyhound Bus bound for the coast.  A drive that usually takes us four or five hours,  took eight and she was stranded on the Coquihalla Highway for two hours held up by a couple of jack-knifed tractor trailers.  Across Georgia Straight, power is still out on parts of Vancouver Island with downed trees and hydro lines.  Even over the phone I could hear the wind whipping violently through the trees as I talked to my sister in the lower mainland yesterday afternoon.  

Today, the temperature made a sudden drop mid morning and we received our first dump of snow in the hills, putting smiles on the faces of skiers and snowboarders all over the valley.  The wind was bitter at the dog park and I hunched my face into my coat collar stuffing my frigid hands into my pockets, mentally kicking myself for forgetting my mittens.  On the way home I held my icy fingers up to the vents in the front dash, blasting them with glorious heat.  I fantasized about staying home this evening with my hubby, in front of a cozy fire instead of visiting friends across town.  Yup, I love winter. 


  1. I have a feeling it may be a challenging winter this year. Something I don't need...EVER!

  2. Fingers crossed for a mild winter for you Lilly!


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