Gratitude Monday

Today I'm grateful for:

17.   the number seventeen.  Call me crazy, but it's my talisman number.  When I'm worried or stressed it appears to me somehow and I know everything will be alright.

18.  being able to talk to my dad on the phone.  It's hard being so far away right now.  Happy Birthday tomorrow Dad!

19.  the love-in-a-mist and foxglove that continue to bloom in my garden despite the fact that it's November 7th and we had our first snow flurry of the year this morning.

20.   all the things my husband has been doing to make it easier for me to write, particularly the vacuuming and laundry.

21.  Daniel at Okanagan Closet Concepts, who has been so patient and helpful.  Looks like the basement renovation we started two years ago, may almost be finished!


  1. I love your gratitude declarations. My number is 18!!!! BTW, absolutely lovely photos. Love the way you captured the mist.


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