At Last!

The last room in our renovation that was begun in November 2009 is almost complete! Dan and Stacey from Okanagan Closet Concepts showed up just after nine a.m. this morning to install the fittings for our walk-in closet.  I am thrilled with the results.

The door needs to be installed on the cupboard where the laundry basket is but other than that, it's done!  (The door will be hinged on the bottom and tilt outward with a handle that matches the drawer above it.)

Can you guess what's in the drawer above the laundry basket?  Have a look below....

Still not sure?  Look down a little further....

Tah dah!  Pretty neat eh? 

There's six of these hanging units, which might sound like a lot, but my husband's shirts will take up at least two of them. 

If you're looking for someone to do a closet, laundry room or garage organization system for you, I  can't say enough about the husband and wife team at Okanagan Closet  Concepts.  Dan was so helpful and patient with my questions and concerns, they did a great job at what I felt was a really reasonable price.  They say most renovations cost you twice the estimated price and take twice the time.  This cost exactly what they quoted (and we lucked out because there's a 25% off promotion on their website until the end of December) and it took half the time they estimated to do it.


  1. About that ironing board...did anyone tell you that it isn-t decorative, that you have to use it!!!

  2. Now that is one spiffy closet! Looks like something out of the pages of Real Simple!

  3. Thanks Mrs. Pear Tree! LOL Anonymous. Damn, I was trying to make everyone THINK I iron. That's why there's no "after" photos with our wrinkly shirts hanging up. :)


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