Monday Part Deux

I didn't want to miss Gratitude Monday but I wanted to post the photos I took of the Bevoulin horses this morning so here is post number two for today, where I am grateful for:

29.  Benvoulin Road.  What a lot of photos I've taken on this short cut as I drive from Springfield to Gordon.  It's a little bit of country right here in the city.

30.  the fact that nobody was hurt when the retaining wall collapsed on the overpass at the new Westside Road interchange.

31.  our mostly new city council.  Those who aren't new have a great deal of experience to guide the recently elected. Here's hoping for sustainable growth and balance.

32.  living in a place where snow and ice are no more than minor inconveniences and often a welcome addition.

33.  self-control.  So far today I've been able to resist the call of the cookie jar.  Nicole filled it with her homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies yesterday.


  1. I'll hope to be grateful for self-control come Thanksgiving Day this Thursday...

  2. BTW, I can't seem to find the Chili recipe?!?!?

  3. I accidentally posted the 23rd's post yesterday (hadn't written the blog, just the title) Did you find it since then?


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