It's Book Club, Baby!

I had such a great time at book club I wanted to add it to my pocketful of memories here.

At the dinner table last night when my daughter asked "What do you guys talk about at your book club?  Do you talk about the themes of the book?"  I had to laugh.   Our book club is no where near that academic.  Yes, we are intelligent and educated women who could easily read a book and write an essay on theme, characterization and symbolism, but that's not what our book club is about.    Last evening was a good example of a typical meeting.

We did talk about The Postmistress, discussing character, believability, things that surprised us and things that we learned.  But we also talked about The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Annabel, Infidel, the Qu'ran, the Baha'i faith, how adorable the hostess's daughter is, family members who lived in London during The Blitz, and the merits of starting a specialized daycare for babies 4-6 months old (with exceptions for older babies who aren't crawling yet and will submit to constant cuddling). We covered hockey practice, drug bowl parties, Sunday night's episode of Dexter, how our kids behave when they're excited, and I tried to teach them how to whistle between their fingers.  Sometimes it's not so much about the book.  Sometimes it's not even about the food and wine.  It's always about sharing, laughter and the strong bond between women of like minds....and sometimes it's about the baby.
*Note: Once again I apologize for poor quality iPhone photos.


  1. Are you kidding? It's all about the baby - what a cutie!


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