Many Thanks Monday

Time has flown through the month of November and another Gratitude Monday is here already.  Also of note, is the fact that this is post number 200!  Today  I am grateful for:

One of my favourite works by emerging artist Nicole Young
34.    Artists.  They make the world even more beautiful while they inspire, engage and call to action.

35.    Love.  It too makes the world more beautiful.  The more you give, the more it grows.

36.    Furnaces.  We had some cold nights this past week and I'm grateful it's so easy to warm things up with the press of a button.

37.   MG Vassanji.  I say it grudgingly, 'cause he's making me work very hard....but that's a good thing.

38.   Music.  The world's greatest discovery/invention.  It amazes me when I consider how such a small number of notes can be rearranged in a seemly infinite number of ways using a myriad of instruments and voices to create such a soothing, exciting, invigorating, aggravating, arousing, sorrowful,  (insert your adjective here), powerful art.


  1. These declarations are sooo good!!! I take so much for granted sometimes. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the man-made beauty that surrounds us as well as the beauty nature provides.

  2. Good thoughts...the power f positive thinking! And felicitaciones to Nicole for the great art. dj


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