All the Pretty Little Horses

Two paddocks stand beside each other on Benvoulin Road.  One holds the sweetest little herd of miniature horse and the other contains a couple of gorgeous standard sized ones. I visited with the minis this morning, rubbing their thick winter coats when they wandered close enough for me to reach a bare hand between the fence rails. I was as sorry as they were that I didn't have any food to share.

I was a little more leery of "Black Beauty", a tall, slender ebony steed who stood like a Buckingham Palace guard, unblinking and motionless while I snapped my way back and forth in front of him.  His only  movement was to lower his head to chew on a yellow sign on the fence with the word "slow" written in black letters.  I think he may have been a bit insulted by the implication.

Just out of shouting range, two people were scooping up what I'm pretty sure was horse manure.  I didn't know if I was trespassing or if they might get upset if I gave into  temptation and they saw me smooth my hand down the horse's bony forehead to his soft muzzle.  As I write this I regret that I decided not to risk it.


  1. Beautiful!! Suzan Great shots. Hugs Mary

  2. Suzan, be sure to risk it the next time. The mind, as smart as it may be, does not know passion, love, and spontaneity as the heart.

  3. I was more worried about getting in trouble with the owner. :)


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