Happy Birthday Dear Puppies!

Today marks a special day for two of our beasties.  It's Pitou's second birthday and Max has reached his five month milestone.  Our boys seem to get along well for the most part, unless Max tries to get up on our bed, which is Pitou's territory.  Then Pitou makes some frightening noises that make you think he's gargling himself to death.  Max ducks his head in embarrassment, looking to one side. trying to see Pitou out of the corner of his eye.  The thing is, Pitou sleeps with us every night (despite my protests from the start) but I put my foot down when it came to an animal that had the potential to be a 100 pounds and take up my half of the bed.  Some nights there's a cat or two in there as well. Max sleeps on a dog bed nearby, which he appears to have gotten used to.  But hope springs eternal, so every morning he comes over to the bed and tries to get on and Pitou gives him what for.

They play well together out in the back yard often running inside to chase each other through the kitchen, living room, dining room and back into the kitchen again around and around the wall that supports the ceiling in the open-concept main floor.  I'll have to get it on video some time and post it here.  You can't help laugh at the energized Max with his flailing legs and giant feet that he can't control, scrabbling to get traction on the hardwood floor, body undulating like a deer through the snow, big ears flapping like sails. 

I've often caught the two of them snuggling together on the couch.  It doesn't last long, and soon it turns into a bout of mouth wrestling.  I have seen Pitou with his head between Max's open jaws, looking like one of those plovers that cleans the food from between the crocodile's teeth...and I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing. If you want to have a look at Max's growth this month, check the link.

Pitou is top dog, and though Max has his dominant moments I think he's willing to give in to the wisdom of his older and wiser sibling.  You just can't deny the loving look on his face....or maybe he's smiling to himself, thinking "Don't worry, you'll get yours..." 


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