Rising With The Sun

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. - Bern Williams

Sunrise bathed the deck in a warm pink glow this morning and I scrambled for my camera to capture it.  Here on the east side of the lake, it's often hard to catch the break of day.  I live down in the flats surrounded by hills, houses and trees, so there's not much horizon.  I'm often up before the dawn and it seems like the conditions necessary for a colourful sunrise aren't present very often.  Yet there are rare occasions, such as this morning, when for a brief moment you are treated to something quite lovely. 


  1. Well, that photo is quite the gift, now isn't it? Thanks so much for the comment today. We'll be having a blast! Got to go before hubby catches me on this computer on Thanksgiving Day - shhh!


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