None so Beautiful - Gino Vannelli

Well there's a cross, on a hill where the ragweed has grown
Where a mother's young son sleeps all alone
All for the land that he dreamed he could save,
Yeah, there's none so beautiful as the brave

Oh, there's a stone in the meadow with all the weight of the world
Where the flowers are watered by the brown eyes of a girl
She cries for the life that her one true love gave
Yeah, there's none so beautiful as the brave

None so beautiful as the boy who cries freedom
None so beautiful as the voice that carries far
None so strong as love beyond all reason that fears no evil
Undaunted by the dark or any wicked man's heart

Oh there's a cross on a hill where no steeple
bells ring
A shrine with no name where the little children sing
To the rhythm that rocks us
From the cradle to the grave
Yeah, there's none so beautiful as the brave...

Oh there's none so beautiful as the brave.


  1. This gave me so many goosebumps I got up to get a blanket. So wonderful to acknowledge the men and women who give up so much for the benefit of the whole. This tribute is truly remarkable. Thank you.

  2. If you'd like to hear the song I've put the link below.
    I didn't include it the post because though Gino Vannelli is Canadian, he lives in Portland now and the tribute video he recently did is to an American soldier, so much of the imagery is American and I wanted to focus on Canadians for Remembrance day. Nothing agains Americans, wars have been fought by people of many nations and we owe a debt to all of them.


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