Back In The Day...(which I believe was a Wednesday)

My daughter is an old soul.  If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I like to think that she was my grandmother in a previous life.  I've a few reasons for this thought, one being that our family has pet names for each other, all starting with then letter "B" and I called my daughter "Bubbie" when she was little, without knowing it was Yiddish word for Grandma.  I often wonder if she might have been on the Titanic.  She's always been interested in it, and is afraid to travel by boat.

My daughter just seems to be drawn to the past.   She loves to wear vintage clothing and I think her favourite boutique is Value Village.  I was recently drawn down the hall towards her bedroom  by a vaguely familiar tune, which turned out to be the sound of 1920's big band jazz.  You know, the really old stuff with the wah wah of muted trumpets and a string section that's missing from the post 1935 stuff.  (You might think that having a jazz singer for a mom would be the influence here, but I really don't like 1920's jazz.) She told me what she likes about it is the scratchy sound of the needle on the record.   

My daughter is a young woman in her 20's but she doesn't "Tweet" or follow anyone on Twitter,  and she rarely changes her Facebook status.  This past week she presented an an art installation for her sculpture class looking at differences between communication now vs. the olden-days and how our technological advances in the communication field are damaging us.

I walked into her room this morning and discovered evidence of her latest foray into the past.  (Though it wasn't as far back as she  usually goes).  She discovered this electric typewriter at V.V. on the weekend, for a mere 5.99.  That brings some memories back for me.  It looks very much like the Smith Cornona electric typewriter that I took to university with me in 1981.  I gave it a try and I was surprised I was able to type without making any mistakes.

Unfortunately the "l" and the "a" are broken. This inspired me.  I thought about trying to write today's post without using either key, just for fun.  But since the word daughter has an "a" in it, I figured it would be too difficult.  I haven't a clue what my daughter plans to do with this typewriter and if she can get it repaired, I wonder if you can even buy ribbon for it any more.  In the meantime, I'll look forward to seeing what the she plans to do with this creative item from the past, in the future.


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