Spicing Things Up

As many of you have discovered, I am not a shopper....but Monday is grocery day and since I do enjoy cooking (and eating), grocery shopping is a necessary evil.  

After stops at Don-O-Ray, My Country Garden and Extra Foods - where I refused to pay $7.59 for 400 grams of Feta Cheese (when did Feta get so expensive??!!) I rewarded myself with a stop at Abby's Spice and Tea Store.  It's always a treat to visit with the knowledgeable and inspiring Abby to find out what new goodies she's added to her inventory. 

In need of a good olive oil, I managed to snag a rich and peppery bottle of Canale 53 Extra Virgin Olive Oil after sampling three of the best choices for salads and other raw foods.  Abby also carries some amazing products from the Vinegar Works in Summerland.  At their Valentine Farm operation, they grow the grapes, make the wine and then turn it into several kinds of vinegar.  I tasted their Balsamico Rosso,  Blanco and also tried a white vinegar with tarragon that was incredible!  I ended up with the Balsamico Rosso however since that's what I'm almost out of, but the Tarragon infused one is on my "to buy" list. I also added a set of salt and pepper mills to my growing pile of purchases.  Lastly I perused the spices and topped up my bag with the caraway seed I had come for along with some Lime Leaves, Herbs de Provence, Garlic Powder...and a blurry iphone shot for my picture of the day. 


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