Cosmopolitan Kelowna

I never understand people who say Kelowna has no culture.  A diverse group of award winning artists, writers, dancers, singers, musicians, producers, actors, chefs, vintners, architects, designers and athletes populate this burgeoning metropolis. Our restaurants boast cuisine from nearly every corner of the world:  India, Tibet, France, Thailand, Italy, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Mexico, the Caribbean, Germany, Ireland, England, Japan, Lebanon, Greece, and Korea to name a few. We may not have the art galleries and museums of Paris or Florence, but we are a mere 106 years old.

And what would I have done if I was in Paris or Florence on this July afternoon?  I probably would have gone with my travelling companion to an art gallery or museum and followed it up with café au lait or a caffé misto at a nearby sidewalk Café.  And what did my friend Donna and I do this afternoon?  We met at the Kelowna Art Gallery to see the photo exhibit by Gabor Szilasi:  The Eloquence of the Everyday. Afterwards we popped across the street to GioBean Espresso, a charming Italian café owned by the equally charming Giovanni for a little indulgence in an afternoon latte.  


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