Salad Days

Fresh baguette still warm from Sunshine Market with garlic jelly from Whitby's Macmillian Orchards.  Strawberry tomatoes, slicing cukes from Kelowna Farmer's market, Hennie's Potato Salad made with Farmer's Market onions, red potatoes and dill weed.

Summertime is potato salad time.  For years there was only one potato salad recipe for me - my mother's very simple but oh so tasty combination of potatoes, onions, boiled eggs and mayo, garnished with a generous sprinkling of paprika. This recipe has been made by the Caine women for generations and I was almost 30 before I even tasted another recipe.  

My first foray to the dark side was a salad my brother-in-law made that included crunchy fresh radish and celery along with some other veggies I don't remember, but I do remember making a pig of myself having more than one extra helping.  

Such a world of delightful gastronomy was opened to me when a neighbour shared her sister's recipe with the ladies in our coffee klatch.  It included a chopped green apple and a 1/2 cup of fresh dill and my note on the recipe states "You will regret using anything but real mayo".    

So often when I mention I'm making potato salad I end up with another one to try as the listener is keen to share their latest favourite.  To prove this point, my Aunt (part of the Smith clan) responded to my email this morning with a copy of an intriguing Mediterranean roasted potato salad including yellow and red cherry tomatoes, red onions, olives and a savoury sounding tarragon dressing.

Turns out you can't have too many potato salad recipes.  I'm hoping this post will end up with a few more being sent my way.


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