Not Pitou

Pitou and Avi

We ran into the female equivalent of Pitou on the Mission Greenway this morning. At first I wondered if Avi was Pitou's sister, but she's a full Jack Russell and at 9 years old, she's older than the Jack Russell that is Pitou's Papa.  Pitou's Mom is a Chihuahua Daschund cross so there's no chance at all.  The two dogs didn't seem to understand what their owners were so excited about.  Pitou   allowed himself to be sniffed, sniffed back, and watched with mild interest as Avi sniffed the bushes around us.  He turned his cute little face up at me wearing an expression that said "Ok, now what?"  Avi's owner and I chatted a bit, said our goodbyes and headed off in opposite directions.


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