Saturday in the Park

A perfect Saturday at Hot Sand's Beach in Kelowna City Park with so much going on around me as we enjoyed three of the ten bands performing at the Jubilee bowl.  The Okanagan Jazz and Blues Society hosted a Jazz and Blues Festival today.  Jazz in the afternoon and Blues this evening.  Head out now if you're a Kelowna Blues Fan...Pappa Dog,  Moni Funk and the Groove Machine , Sherman Doucette, and Random Acts yet to perform.

Pyramid with Danielle Stradecke

The Award for Best Photographer Stance goes to...

The extremely young and extremely talented MidNight Kicks waiting to go on.

Neville Bowman and Bernie Addington from the Bernie Addington Quartet

Scott Gamble and Craig Thompson from the Bernie Addington Quartet.

These two kids were so much fun to watch, 
finding ways to entertain themselves with next to nothing.

Going for a birdie

This stick became a putter, driver, baseball while his little sister 
pitched, and I think there was some ball hockey going on too.

Award for Best Bass Face goes to Bernie!  What a great group they are.


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