Locavores' Delight

The cool wet spring delayed the opening of one of my favourite markets, but I'm pleased to say Old Meadows Farm opened this week for sales of their fruits, berries and vegetables. They don't have a lot of stuff but they have good stuff, and a lot of it is organic. I was thrilled to find a couple of "eight-ball" zucchini this afternoon as I couldn't find them anywhere last year and we didn't think to plant them in this year's garden. They are rounder and heavier and more flavourful than regular zucchini.   I like to slice them about an inch thick, brush a little olive oil on them and grill them on the barbecue.  After you turn them over for side two, brush a little balsamic vinegar on the top and add a thin slice of provolone.  Mmm mmmm, looks like w're going to have to have one tonight!


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