Another Fine Mess

The free 30 days of my Quickbooks upgrade expired last week.  I really should have registered it immediately when I installed it, there was no reason not to ....other than the fact that I didn't have to. As a result I wasted half of a beautiful sunny day tearing my home office apart, looking for the folder that had my QB licensing number on it.  It wasn't there.

I phoned the Quickbooks Help Line to see if they could register me some how without it, and they could, but that would involve faxing them the invoice along with all my business information, address etc. and then waiting three to five business days.  Not having a fax machine at home meant I'd have to wait until the next day.  You might be thinking I could have scanned it, but the story to explain why it wouldn't have worked is just too long so trust me...I couldn't.

You'd think I would have put it somewhere safe I thought to myself. So I pulled the place apart again, shuffling through file folders, cleaning out drawers and getting distracted by old magazines.  Later, while sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, head in hands, my spidey senses told me to look through the pile of papers on the kitchen counter, waiting to be filed.  Eureka!


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