Walking on Sushine

What a gorgeous day it was today.  The temperature hovered around the zero degree mark, but the sun shone all afternoon.  While I was running some errands downtown I decided to wander over to Stuart Park to see what was going on.  Oh how I wish I'd had my skates with me.  Starting this afternoon, I'll be storing them in the car.  The ice on the artificial outdoor rink was like glass and there weren't that many people around. 

I'm trying to keep my photos down to one per day so out of all the photos I snapped this afternoon, this was the one that made me smile.  The Yacht Club marina is opposite the rink and I was tickled by the sight of these seagulls walking on water.

For more photos of what I saw today, follow the link to my travel blog "From the Valley and Beyond".


  1. I love this photo - it captures a feeling and it's so wonderful. Skates, huh? I love that, too! It sounds like you had a great, peaceful day. Good for you.

  2. Ah-hh...if I'm home next winter I'll join you! I've never seen the ice sheet like that! dj


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