I Feel Rich When...

...it's gratitude Monday.  Almost fifteen years ago I joined a writing group along with three amazing women. We did all sorts of different projects mostly from The Artist's Way.  One multi-talented woman, I'll call her Lizzie, inspired me with a book she made for herself long before expressing gratitude was fashionable.  I think it was called "I Feel Rich When..", an illustrated collection of the little things in her life that made her feel rich.  I don't think she ever published it but I'm hoping she has it still.  Expressing gratitude is a great way to make you feel rich in all the ways that count and I truly believe it leads to an increase in reasons for gratitude.

Today I'm grateful for:

71.  my friends both old and new, you encourage and inspire me and make me feel rich!

72.  the way so many of our plans seemed to go awry on our Venezuela vacation.  These changes led to some amazing experiences we wouldn't have had other wise.  Life's funny that way.

73.  that I only paid six dollars for the 50 lbs of potatoes I stored in my cold room in September.  I don't know what happened, the first ten pounds were fine, but I went to load up my potato bowl this afternoon and let out a shriek when I opened the box.  What is it about potatoes growing eyes that is so creepy?

74.  the fact that my husband was able to get away on his golf trip despite his first flight being cancelled due to mechanical difficulty.  The following day the valley was socked in with fog meaning his flight was delayed seven hours.

75.  the multi-cultural aspect of Canada that allows us to experience so many different cultures through festivals, celebrations, and especially cuisine.  Here in Kelowna we have restaurants that are French, Mexican, Cuban, Greek, Italian, Caribbean, Indian, American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Dutch, German, First Nations, English, Canadian,Tibetan, Irish, Philippino, Persian, Japanese, Lebanese and any number of restaurants that fuse the cuisine of many of the above countries.


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