That Time of Year

I did a lot of thinking before I posted this picture today.  Should I or shouldn't I?  It's a winter wonderland outside my window, and I know I could find something beautiful and artistic to shoot, but this was an important part of my day today, and I think it's an important reminder for every woman who happens to stumble upon this post.

Of course I'm talking about the yearly pap test that women must subject themselves to each year.  Frankly, I'd rather have a week of mammograms than go for a pap test, yet I used to schedule one faithfully ever year.  Then a while back through a series of uncontrollable events, I ended up with a male doctor - who incidentally is awesome...but still, I started procrastinating.  For three years. 

If you've been putting your pap test off, this post is for you.  Just make the appointment.  After I left the office this morning, I was so relieved and so happy I'd done it.  It hardly took any time at all...I arrived at the office at 10:28 read a few pages of my book and was back in my car just before 11.

A pap test is an incredibly important tool in preventing cervical cancer.    It's incidence has declined steadily in Canada over the past decade, as a result of early screening. Once countries begin a yearly screening program, the incidence of death caused by cervical cancer drops 50%. Do yourself and your family a favour and if you're due for a pap test, call your doctor's office and make an appointment today.  You'll only regret it if you don't.


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