Afternoon Whimsy

While checking out Facebook this morning I discovered the most wonderful thing for sale at Earth Whimsy.  I immediately posted a comment saying I'd be in this afternoon to pick it up.

If you haven't been into this charming and eclectic store on Ellis North, I highly recommend you go have a poke around.  It draws me like a magnet whenever I find myself impersonating an artist at Opus or visiting the main branch of the Kelowna Library.

Earth Whimsy has a wonderful assortment of original jewellery, art, crafts, retro fashion and collectibles, children's tutu's, strollers, children's accessories, eco friendly make up....too many things to name. 

If you're wondering what caught my eye, it was this old Brownie Camera.  I can't wait to get some film and start shooting.  It'll be interesting to see if the photographs are any better than the ones I took with the Brownie Hawkeye I was given in 1972.  I think I'll really be at a loss not being able to look at the back of the camera to see if I had enough light, or if I chopped off anyone's head, since it's not an SLR.  Having to wait until the roll is finished and sent away to be developed before you can see the pictures will also add an interesting dimension.  The last time I used a camera with film was 2007 - not that long ago really.  It's amazing how quickly you get used to instant gratification.


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