Lasting Lilies

On February 17th we invited friends over for a quasi regular event that happens around the neighbourhood called "Friday Night Happy Hour".  

Our friends Dan and Heather brought us a beautiful bouquet of flowers which still look fantastic 11 days later.  

I love having fresh flowers around the house, don't you?  Alstroemerias (or Peruvian Lilies) are in my top three of favourite flowers to buy.  They just seem to last forever.


  1. Those are gorgeous!!!! You know, that's one of my things I'll be doing when I turn 40 this year. I vow to buy fresh flowers every 2 weeks for the house for 1 year. I'm thinking about some more vows for when I turn 40 in April. Have any suggestions?

    1. Great idea, you'll always have flowers, cause there's lots of long lasting ones out there. Off the top of my head, one vow for turning 40? Moisturize!


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