Frugal Fail

After all the ways we've been indulging ourselves for the past couple of months, I thought it was time to tighten our belts and get back into Frugal mode...mostly so we can afford to repeat our indulgent behaviour again next year! 

I'm afraid it didn't take much of a nudge for me to fall off the frugality wagon when I stopped for cooking oil at Valoroso this afternoon.  I swear I have mediterranean blood in me somewhere.  I absolutely love Spanish, Italian and Greek cuisine.  I did refrain from tossing a few of the more extravagant "wants", like instant espresso, into my basket, but I just couldn't resist those tiny red tomatoes and the spicy pickled eggplant.  In the deli case beside the eggplant there was a boccocini salad that would be so easy to make myself,  so of course I bought some boccocini since the tomatoes, basil and kalamata olives were already there in my basket.  Did I mention the fennel?...oh how I love the liquoricey flavour sauted with onions and capers.  And I want to try to make the fennel soup with apple and blue cheese that Nicole had last week. And speaking of soup, I haven't made tortellini soup in quite a while and here the frozen tortellini is  cheaper than the grocery store. And what about that Spanish salad in House and Home magazine with the blood oranges...there they were right in front of me in the cooler - who knows when I'd find them again.   Honestly, when you really look at it....I didn't stand a chance!


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