Memories of Movida

As tradition seems to dictate, our first night back from vacation leads to a dinner inspired by the cuisine of our favourite restaurant on the trip.  Tonight's dinner is inspired by the chefs at  Posada Movida on Los Roques.

A simple pizza, some mild Italian sausages from Valoroso, our local Italian grocer, and an Ensalada Mixta; mescalun, big chunks of tomato and avacado and sliced red onions.

Wish we could get the avacados we had on Margarita.  One lasted us two weeks.


  1. Oh, you lucky, lucky duck!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time and it was hard to come back. But, I'm glad you're back and have enjoyed the pictures you have shared.

    Saw your comment on The Pear Tree and I love the suggestion you made. I clicked the link and thought it was absolutely adorable!


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