Freedom To Read

With this year's Freedom to Read week well under way, I took a look at the growing pile of books at my bedside.  I consider myself an avid reader, but I don't come close to the pile that Janet, my friend and fellow blogger shared last summer.

Freedom to read is on my wish list at the moment, though I don't think my interpretation of the phrase is what the Freedom of Expression Committee had in mind when they started this annual celebration.  I have deadlines and guilt that keep me from reading as opposed to a tyrannical regime or over zealous special interest group that's keeping me from exercising my rights as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For now the pile on my bedside table is made up of books for fun, research, and self-improvement.  They are; Cesar's Rules  - Cesar Millan, My India - Jim Corbett, The Man-Eaters of Kumon - Jim Corbett, Annabel - Kathleen Winter, The Fifth Agreement - Ruiz & Ruiz, Tastebuds and Molecules - Franรงois Chartier and 
The Origin of Species - Nino Ricci

I don't think any of these have been banned, but I think you'd be surprised to at some of the books that have. Follow the link and count how many of the Top 50 Banned Books Everyone Should Read  are on your list.  


  1. Ever knock over the books in the middle of the night? I have and it's so annoying...and loud.

    1. LOL, yes! Just a few nights ago I pushed them into the lamp and knocked it over instead.


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