Sparkling Hill Resort

Some of the 3.5 million Swarovski Crystals incorporated into the decor at Sparkling Hill Resort.
My daughter and I are at Sparkling Hill Resort for two nights, and we really packed a lot into our first full day. We got up this morning and crossed the "crystal bridge" pictured above, to have a delicious buffet breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs scrambled with bacon and sausage, a little brie, some panfried rosemary potatoes and several cups of coffee.  There were lots of other tasty options like smoked salmon, other cheeses, ham, cold meats, breads, oatmeal, muffins and scones, juices.  

After breakfast, my daughter took in a yoga class while I did some writing in the hotel's library.  We had to make a trip into nearby Vernon and had a superb lunch at the Eclectic Med.  Once back at the resort we did 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer, went for swim outdoors in the infinity pool, soaked in the hot tub, floated around the indoor salt pool, stimulated our circulation and lymphatic systems walking the Kneipp Water Therapy course and headed back to the hot tub for a pre-treatment soak.  I had a head, neck and shoulder massage and my daughter had a full body massage.  We followed it all with a fantastic gourmet dinner in the PeakFine dining room.

After relaxing a little, we donned damp bathing suits and went to the sauna and steam room.  We started off in the Crystal Steam Room, or what my daughter called the Chamber of Secrets because of it's resemblance to the room in the Harry Potter series.  The temperature was a cozy 40 degrees C and 100% humidity (104 F for the Americans).  I managed to last about four minutes of the recommended 8.  We hit the Rose steam after that at a much cooler 38 degrees and full humidity.  It smelled heavenly but I lasted about one minute. We finished the steam/sauna portion of the evening in the traditional Finish sauna, a much more comfortable 90 degrees C and 10% humidity.  After a warm shower we headed back up to our room, and will soon be heading off to dreamland.  Nighty-night all!


  1. I feel relaxed and spa-like just reading this post!!! I'm so happy you're having a divine time with your daughter.


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