Sparkling with Gratitude

Today I'm most grateful for:
81.   my husband, who thought it was fair that after he spent five days golfing, he should treat our daughter and I to two nights at Sparkling Hill Spa/ Resort. How did he ever come up with such a wonderful idea???

82.  the fact that I have a daughter who enjoys spending time with me and I look forward to having a wonderful relaxing couple of days with her.

The view from our room at Sparkling Hill just before the snow started falling.

83.   the usual suspects who showed up for the short notice Friday Night Happy Hour at our place the other night.  Good friends, good food and good wine.  It doesn't get much better than that!

84.  some exciting and promising research that recently came to light. It's the first time in my 36 years of being diabetic that I've allowed myself to believe there could be a cure in my lifetime.

85.  the wonderful core group that has begun to gather regularly at the dog park.  Our dogs get along so well and the rare occasion when things get out of hand the owners step in and sort it out without judgement, blame or hurt feelings.


  1. Family, friends, and hope - what could be better?

  2. Sending some love your way:

    LOVD tidings!

    1. Thanks Lilly, not sure how I missed this in February but I wanted to say I totally agree with you. Family, friends and hope are pretty amazing and powerful.


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