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I was planning on posting this next week but since this "What to do..." has an option that can only be done on a Wednesday, I thought I'd give you a chance to plan ahead.

Last night, what started out as a chore (albeit a pleasant one) turned into a great Wednesday night date.  We planned to hit the 5:00 pick at Benvoulin Road Strawberries but when we arrived at 5:07 there wasn't a parking spot to be had.  We decided since we were already half way there, we should grab an early dinner at Poppadom's, my personal favourite for Indian food in Kelowna.  June 23rd, just had to add this terrific video just posted on their fb page.

The announcement of their new menu turned up in my email box earlier this week and I was keen to see what they had to offer.  The good news is they're still committed to sharing traditional flavours from all corners of India using fresh foods and healthy cooking methods, but the focus is now on local ingredients. 

My husband had a coconut crusted ling cod that even I enjoyed, and there's not much fish that I'll eat.  It was a tough choice for me but I made a good one with the the mildly spiced Butter Makahni and brown batsmati rice.  

As my husband attempted surreptitious glances over my shoulder at the EuroCup game above the bar,  I noticed the parking lot slowly fill with hot rods and gleaming, vividly coloured cars and trucks from the 50's and 60's.  Beginning May 16th, Cruise-in @ the Corner is held Wednesday nights in McCurdy Corner's parking lot from 4 to 9, weather permitting.

There's something about the rounded corners, vibrant colours and shiny chrome detailing that draws me to these gorgeous machines from a time when a vehicle truly was a work of art... and I'm a sucker for all things red and shiny.    

If you're not a fan of Indian food, you might prefer Freddie's Brew Pub next door to start your evening.  Freddie has a great selection of pub and roadhouse style food along with a variety of beer brewed in their onsite micro-brewery.  I recommend the one with a hint of corriander - wish I could remember what it's called.

If you don't have to work Thursday morning, head a few steps over to the anchor of the McCurdy Corner Mall to The Grand Ten cinema.  Arguably the most comfortable movie theatre in Kelowna, it boasts high backed, plush chairs and ten theatres to choose from.  It would have been a great way to end our spontaneous date night, but there were dogs at home with the run of the house since we hadn't planned on being away for more than an hour...next time!

As we passed by the strawberry patch just after 7, the parking lot had emptied quite a bit and we figured it wouldn't take us more than a half hour to pick a couple of buckets.  We scooped up lots of juicy ripe berries and left lots more to ripen.  As we filled our buckets one of the employees stopped to see how we were doing and showed us a berry that had cooked in the sudden heat this afternoon.  Turns out the cooler temperatures have been more helpful than I thought.  Today's predicted 29 degree high will not do these berries any good, so if you're in Kelowna and keen for some local fruit the next pick is 8 a.m. this morning, or you can call 250-860-2964 to hear a recording message with the schedule for the next couple of days.


  1. I love it when things work out like that: so perfect, so unplanned, so memorable. You guys will be talking about that night many times in the future..."Remember when...". Spontaneity is a precious gift.


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