How Did I get here?

When my sister and I were very young we shared a bedroom.  On the nights when we couldn't sleep (and I wasn't reading a book by the light from the hallway), my sister would tuck her pillow under one arm and jump across the narrow gap between our twin beds.  We'd snuggle together, whispering and giggling late into the night. Our conversations would cover the gamut of subjects and when it seemed we'd run out of things to say, we'd stop and try to figure out how we'd arrived at the final topic of discussion.  We'd trace our way back through each subject, trying to remember what tidbit of information had prompted one of us to head off in a different direction..."oh, that reminds of the time.." or "wasn't that the same place that we..." It was a kind of forensic deconstruction of the conversation.  

The way the mind works amazes me, and I'm also amazed we were able to remember the conversations to allow us to do this.  These days there are times when after a short gap in the conversation my husband asks "What did you say?"  and I answer, "I wish I could remember."  I need access to a drop down menu with a conversation history.  Unfortunately my brain has already moved on to the next thing in my mind and it's wiped out the cookies.

These thoughts put me mind of the way we stumble upon things on the internet.  We might start out looking for one piece of information and then we click on links that interest us until we arrive at something we wouldn't have otherwise discovered.  I was inspired by these thoughts of conversation and net surfing as well as Dooce's "Stuff I Found While Looking Around"  posts to list a few things of interest I've discovered while searching the world wide web.  

I have no idea how I stumbled upon this site, uk moo, but my daughter came across around the same time so it must be making the rounds.  For the artists out there, check out the "printify" option.  I've been wanting to make myself some new business cards for ages and the fact that you can put photographs on the back of them is an awesome way for artists of all stripes to showcase their work.

Photographer Katie Lloyd gives you suggestions to improve your photographic skills on 31 days to releasing your inner artists.  Good for beginners and a good refresher for more experienced shutter-bugs.

Walking a mile in another man's Nikes - A personal trainer gains 70 lbs to identify with his clients, then loses it all to show them it can be done.  I found it on Becoming a Better Man but read the link within this link to get the whole story.

A series of links from one site to another led me to a blog all about rainbows, which led me to this peppy little tune by Kristin Andreassen called "Crayola Doesn't Make the Colour For Your Eyes".


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