In the spirit of my How Did I Get Here post, I thought I'd share a few of the online places I visited last week before PMC goes back to being just a photo blog.

This site really tugged at my heart strings.  What generous souls these people have.  Heartfelt is a an organization of photographers who volunteer their time and skills to give the gift of memories to families of premature or still born infants as well as kids with serious illnesses.

If you've been inspired by their generosity and would like to connect with like minded people, People for Good is a fine place to start.  They have 209 suggestions for ways to do good, and they've posted a few videos on how small acts of kindness have made a big difference in their own lives.  Their goal is simple but honourable  " make the world a better place, one good deed at a time."

Here's an clever way to help get your camera back if it gets  stolen lost.  And if you did happen to lose your camera and aren't as creative as Andrew, you might find it on I found your  Kind strangers upload photos from cameras they have found and reunite them with grateful owners.  Here's a response from one lucky person:

That's me!  and my husband, and son.  And my now very ill grandmother.... Thank you for making your site. These pictures mean more to me than you know. My son’s birth is on this camera and he turns 4 tomorrow {Dec 22}.
- Carolyna
Check out the photos of designer Dorthee Schumacher's house near Mannheim Germany.  How lovely and quaint...a sweet little hobby farm with a charming menagerie!

And last but not least, here is my newest youtube discovery.  Stephen Fry is one of my favourite clever British men and I stumbled upon this celebrity game show that he hosts.  It's often funny and always educational.  In this episode, Harry Potter fans will be surprised to discover the muggle definition of muggle.

Where did you go last week?  Post a link in the comments section so I can see too!


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