Belated Mother's Day via iPhone

Mother's Day fell during the time I spent in Whitby last month, so my daughter promised we would spend a day together when I got home, starting with a hike over Knox Mountain.  The weather has not been cooperating on her days off and so we have been spreading out our time together over the past two weeks and it's been a never ending celebration.  Today was the highlight.  Since the weather was iffy we decided against Knox, and headed to the Farmers' and Crafters' Market with umbrellas stashed in the car.

The Wednesday market is pretty sparse compared to the Saturday morning one, but we managed to see some gorgeous pottery, sample some tasty treats and I purchased the cutest little photo album from a vivacious young woman named Emily (stay tuned for more about her and The Tangled Fox in a future post).
As a mother's day treat, my daughter bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of the vendors.  The peonies smell incredible and I was surprised to discover there was a noticeable difference between the scents of the white and fuchsia.  

After the market we made a quick stop at Orchard Park Shopping Centre as my daughter had recently ripped her good jeans and they have reasonably priced clothes at this particular chain clothing store.  

Going into these places always freaks me out a bit. It boggles my mind to think that this is just one corner of a huge store and it's just one of many stores just like this in Kelowna and Kelowna is one of the many cities in Canada hosting these many stores that contain so much stuff!  Do we really need all this selection?  Sorry if it sounds "judgy", I'm just sayin'.  

Our final stop was Milestones where we had a leisurely lunch.  I had the California salad with peppery goat cheese, juicy strawberries and a really tangy Champagne vinaigrette.  

My daughter chose the triple cheese veggie burger with curly fries, finishing it off with the  cheekily named Break-Up Tub - a mini ice cream tub containing a mix of cookie dough ice-cream, caramel and chunks of double chocolate cookie ....guaranteed to satisfy that pesky sweet tooth or make you forget that pesky ex.


  1. So you finally got a picture of the flowers!!!! So glad they didn't make you sign a disclaimer, promising not to violate their intellectual property by photographing it (and possibly stealing the bouquet's soul)!

    We missed the Farmer's Market today and opted for the library! But I, too, have plans of doing a post on those adorable albums - I saw them a few weeks ago!

    Sounds like you had a fun day together :-)

    1. I wondered if you'd be there today, and if you'd seen the albums. :) It definitely wasn't the same flower people as the woman who was so uppity before. Not sure if you went to the same one or not, but this guy had vegetables too. The one that didn't want me taking photos was all flowers. Love your photos today! Have I mentioned that already? :)

  2. First, you are a lucky mamma, Suzan. And, if I'm following what you and Mrs. Pear Tree are talking about, I just had a similar thing happen to me. I wrote last Tuesday's post for Walgreens so I needed to get to Walgreen's and pick my summer beauty finds for the post. I took one picture and the manager told me not to. I told her Walgreen's was paying me and it was ok, but she insisted. She asked for proof but I had none as my stuff was at home (my fault - ill-prepared). The rebel that I am, I took another picture when the manager left me but I got caught. I was asked to leave the store. I did, but went back in without my camera because I had to get that post done in time and nothing was stopping me. I can count on either of you to bail me out, right?

    1. Any time Lilly! I don't understand why retailers are so picky about this. It's free promotion.


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