Down Memory Lane

Those of you in Kelowna know this is not a photo taken today.  It's been raining for a week now and I just felt like finding a photo that would cheer me up.  I took this one last year when I had my Artist's Date at Benvoulin church.  I pass by the church several times a week along the rural route I drive to avoid the very busy Gordon Road when I'm heading for the east side of the city.  I've stopped many times along the way to capture a photograph or two and I thought I'd remind you of the ones that appeared on my blog this past year.  And if it ever stops raining, I've noticed a couple new spots that have potential so you'll be seeing more I'm sure.

Here are the links to the photos in the order they appear as I drive along Swamp and Benvoulin to Springfield.

- early spring on Swamp Road

Tomato King

Father Pandosy Mission

tomatoes from Don-O-Ray

pumpkins!  and more pumpkins!

- horses and ponies at Diamond R Farm

- a strange place for a houseboat

- not such a strange place for geese.

- the lovely old barn at the corner of Benvoulin and KLO Road

More grey and weathered boards

- from my artist's date


  1. My favorites are Tomato King and more pumpkins! Love where the houseboat ended up. With views like that, who could blame them?

    1. Thanks for checking them all out Lilly! I like the Tomato King too and definitely "more pumpkins".


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