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One stop shopping for the season

This is not an advertisement and I'm not getting any kickbacks for this post, it's a public service!  I have to believe I'm NOT the only woman who doesn't like shopping.   I hate it.  I am terrible at picking my own clothes, I'm cheap and I'm hard to fit.  Being overweight is my own fault I know, but I'm certainly not morbidly obese.  Most of my challenges are genetic... I'm short waisted and I have long arms.  I have broad shoulders and no hips,  and though I was pleased to inherit my mom's lovely calves, I have my dad's muscular thighs and broad feet; triple E for him, D for me.   

So when I absolutely, positively HAVE to buy myself some clothes, Benita is my saving grace.  I head to Melanie Lyne's,  and hunker down in the change room while Benita brings me an amazing selection of patterns and colours and styles, most of which I would have passed by on the rack or not bothered trying on thinking they wouldn't suit me.  I can go to the mall for the afternoon and come home with nothing.   When I shop with Benita, in barely an hour end up with so many options I struggle to select which ones to leave behind.  Luckily Benita is great at picking out clothes that work together, mixing sale items with regular classics so you know you'll get your money's worth. If you need a new summer wardrobe or just an item or two to spruce up last years choices I highly recommend Benita at Melanie Lyne - tell her Suzan sent you. My apologies to those of you living outside the Greater Kelowna Area...then again, maybe you should come for a visit!


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