Let it flow

Bellevue Creek is rushing through my neighbourhood.  With more snow yet to melt in the mountains (just have a look in the background at yesterday's photo), I'm glad it's banks are fairly high!  I am thankful for this water though, as I hear it's going to be a dry summer in the Okanagan.

If you're wondering why there's two posts for today and none yesterday,  blogger was out of commission Thursday and I could not post my daily photo.  I did post it on my facebook page, but unless you are an fb friend of mine, you didn't get to see it.  


  1. I want to lay in this creek and have the water run through me. Although this one would be some cold, unlike the run off from Skaha in July/August I enjoy laying in at OK Falls Provincial Park.

  2. Brrrrrr! It may be warmer when you're at the park in July...come up to Kelowna and try it out!


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